KLE The Banyan World

With an eye for detail, we have crafted an environment for your child that nurtures and inculcates a sense of freedom.
Let us take you through the journey of KLE The Banyan World to help you understand how we’ve created a world so beautiful,so enriching and fun for your little one!

Classrooms with a difference..

At KLE The Banyan, classrooms are designed keeping in mind the development of the minds of young children and their needs. Colors are an integral part of the classrooms to make sure your child’s experience at the preschool is enjoyable and lively.

  • Artistic craft work on display to educate the children about various topics of importance in a fun and creative way.
  • Colors and shapes introduced to the children through innovative methods.
  • The thematic representation of the classrooms changes every month to introduce a new concept of relevance to the children.
  • All classrooms equipped with attached restrooms along with customized toilet seating for the convenience of your child.
  • With a student teacher ratio of 10:1, each child is assured of undivided attention and care in order to bring out the best in them

Fun filled activities at the
Library & Activity Room..

The library is well ventilated and colorfully designed with comfortable seating designed for the young ones where the teachers enact the favorite stories of the children to make learning more fun and enjoyable. The activity room has been designed for engaging the children in fun filled activities in a safe and vibrant environment with soft flooring. The children are allowed to enhance and improve their gross and fine motor skills by involving themselves in creative games such as abacus, beads, snake and ladders and much more. The activity room also plays host to yoga classes to introduce them to the basics in order to promote active and healthy upbringing.

Dining the fun way at
KLE The Banyan..

At KLE The Banyan, we believe that a community that eats together, grows stronger.

  • The dining area is designed in a very hygienic, child friendly environment with comfortable seating for all the children to enjoy their meals together.
  • Wholesome, nutritious and delicious meals are served to the children with the dishes changing every day.
  • The kitchen is fully equipped with fresh ingredients and the food is cooked in a highly dirt free setting ensuring uncontaminated food.
  • Not only do the children eat nourishing meals but are also trained in dining etiquette to help them become more disciplined and well mannered at a dining table.

A play area and Splash Pool
that promotes outdoor fun..

The play area is a sprawling sand field area in the preschool campus with variety of slides and swings that encourages a child not only to play but also to develop their gross motor and social skills. The play area located in an outdoor setting promotes healthy playing habits and helps in fostering bonds of friendship with fellow children. The preschool also houses a make shift splash pool for the children to have a delightful time in the water and just have pure uninhibited fun! The pool is filled with clean and chlorine free water and is made of high quality raw materials that are non-allergic and eco-friendly to suit your child’ needs.

Your child's safety is our priority..

  • The preschool is under strict surveillance with CCTV cameras  to ensure high safety standards.
  • The preschool provides secure transport facility to the residential localities around the school.
  • The buses are fitted with GPS tracking devices and female attendants to monitor and ensure the safety of your children.
  • Security guards posted at various locations
  • The preschool has a strict employment policy comprising only female teachers and support staff.
  • To avoid unwanted mishaps, the preschool employs the use of ramps throughout instead of staircases for the safety of the young children.
  • In addition to  a safety net provided in case of an untoward event, the preschool has secure corridors across the campus.
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